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We are by your side from policy definition to operational implementation of your development projects

Our experts help you conceive, analyze, develop, ensure sources of financing, and implement your best ideas. We connect you to our network of relevant projects and partners, boosting your development. We help identifying technologies, stakeholders, and sources of financing, assist in consortium building, support technology transfer and communication strategies, and disseminate results to the target communities.


Helping you directly contribute to policy improvement in the Western Balkans countries

Full support to policy research, formulation and advocacy, strategic communications and public affairs. Our strategy and counsel are deeply rooted in stakeholder engagement, creating actions that achieve impact and endure.


Turning your ideas and concepts into real life projects suitable for funding

Having a solid plan improves your chances of being successful by giving you direction, visualising potential risks, assessing viability, and assisting with planning. It can also help you get funding from external parties. We can help you compile the necessary information and set up a comprehensive project proposal.


Guiding you through Interreg, IPA III and other public funding instruments in the Western Balkans.

Systemic scanning of the grant-financing-space and spotting the best opportunities relevant for your ambitions, offering top level professional proposal development support, in order to maximise your chances of success, lowering the burden on limited availability of your human resources.


Meeting financial, administrative and reporting requirements

Once you have been granted funding, you are obligated to meet a number of financial, narrative and administrative reporting requirements. This requires specific expertise and resources, punctuality and neatness. You can choose to organise this yourself, or choose to use our funding compliance support.


Regular monitoring of project implementation lifecycle

We daily care about the financial, narrative and administrative reporting requirements throughout the lifecycle of your funded project. Based on this information, you are able to timely set-up and sustain your internal project organisation and procedures. We support you by both systemically and randomly checking your processes and progress, in order for you to be sure that these are compliant with all the relevant multi-layer funding requirements.


Create public awareness following the applicable visibility rules

Through an effective dissemination and communication strategy, your project can gain widespread attention. A solid strategy also ensures involvement of relevant stakeholders for your project, from diverging spheres of society. This offers opportunities for future development. We can set up a dissemination and communication plan for you, against the applicable versions of donor visibility rules, regulations and guidelines.

Our Perspective 
Engagement Areas

The Western Balkans Strategy
of February 2018

Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament, the Council, the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions

Strasbourg, 6.2.2018 COM(2018) 65 final

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do we really need development support?

    Improve and accelerate your development

    Our vision & roadmap development support is a structured approach to validating, identifying, prioritizing and planning the shaping and realization of your vision. We involve relevant stakeholders in your part of the Western Balkans region, or sector to:

    • shape and validate your vision of the future
    • identify gaps towards the realization of that vision
    • identify and prioritize required actions to bridge that gap
    • plan the priority actions on a timeline.

    Through our support, you will be able to better understand regional trends and your development landscape, and gain better focus on which actions to tackle first, and which development strategies and investments to embrace. You will be able to better lobby for funding or legislation. Whether you are a local or regional self-government, sector organization, industry association, or an academic institution, our development support will help you thrive in your field.

  • How does the process work?

    Vision & roadmap development support

    Our support starts with extensive research and analysis by specialized consultants. Our consultants will look into key existing vision and development papers for your sector and region, strategic research agendas and relevant policy documents. We then organize one or more workshops with stakeholders to discuss the key issues, jointly shape a vision, identify gaps and define priority measures towards the future. All this information is converted into a detailed roadmap document, which discusses:

    • your vision for the next 3 to 5 years,
    • your main challenges, bottlenecks and developments,
    • our advice on which measures should be taken.
  • Why do we need funding?

    Hi-end academic and practical backgrounds for reaching sources of finance

    Project funding is a key to turning project ideas and concepts into real life developments. Too often, good research, development and innovation ideas do not come to fruition due to the lack of access to sources of financing. IPC WB consultants have over a decade of proven experience and an unprecedented track-record in helping its partners tap into the myriad of funding opportunities throughout the region of Western Balkans.

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